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"broken english"

when my mother struggles to spell a word in english
I want to break the entire language
into little pieces
so the edges of these letters
will stop cutting her

— aysha via Diaspora Defiance
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Neanderthals and Cro-magnons did not coexist on the Iberian Peninsula, suggests re-analysis of dating
from Science Daily
“The meeting between a Neanderthal and one of the first humans, which we used to picture in our minds, did not happen on the Iberian Peninsula.
That is the conclusion reached by an international team of researchers from the Australian National University, Oxford University, the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, University of Maryland, Universitat de Girona and the University of Oviedo, after redoing the dating of the remains in three caves located on the route through the Pyrenees of the first beings of our species: L’Arbreda, Labeko Koba and La Viña.
The paper, entitled “The chronology of the earliest Upper Palaeolithic in northern Iberia: New insights from L’Arbreda, Labeko Koba and La Viña,” has been published in the Journal of Human Evolution. Until now, the carbon 14 technique, a radioactive isotope which gradually disappears with the passing of time, has been used to date prehistoric remains.
When about 40,000 years, in other words approximately the period corresponding to the arrival of the first humans in Europe, have elapsed, the portion that remains is so small that it can become easily contaminated and cause the dates to appear more recent. It was from 2005 onwards that a new technique began to be used; it is the one used to purify the collagen in DNA tests.
Using this method, the portion of the original organic material is obtained and all the subsequent contamination is removed. And by using this technique, scientists have been arriving at the same conclusions at key sites across Europe: “We can see that the arrival of our species in Europe took place 8,000 years earlier than what had been thought and we can see the earliest datings of our species and the most recent Neanderthal ones, in which, in a specific regional framework, there is no overlapping,” explained Alvaro Arrizabalaga, professor of the department of Geography, Prehistory and Archaeology, and one of the UPV/EHU researchers alongside María-José Iriarte and Aritza Villaluenga” (read more).
***Cro-magnon? Who uses that term anymore? Or ‘caveman’? I know this is a popsci article but c’mon. This vocabulary has been out of date for decades. More to the point, Dieneke’s Anthropology Blog quotes a press release that I couldn’t find in which one of the authors [Arrizabalaga] says: “For 25 years we had been saying that Neanderthals and early humans lived together for 8,000-10,000 years. Today, we think that in Europe there was a gap between one species and the other and, therefore, there was no hybridation [sic], which did in fact take place in areas of the Middle East,” which is rather in conflict with everything Pääbo’s team is churning out. But the abstract doesn’t mention that specifically and I haven’t read the article cos I’m having trouble with sciencedirect. 
(Source: Science Daily)

Tusker by Stephen Oachs…[wonderous-world][denlArt]

Atypical Anthro Ape wants to be pair bonded.

Yeah…this is totally accurate.
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#sitka #alaska #scenery #landscape #animals #biology #nature #beauty #photography #personal
#sitka #alaska #biology #animals #photography #personal #nature #beauty
#sitka #alaska #photography #personal #ocean #landscape #beauty #scenery
#sitka #alaska #scenery #landscape #ocean #beauty #photography #personal
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#totempole #sitka #alaska #photography #personal #culture